Lady Ayse


Lady Ayse Orient Goddess

Welcome to the website of your Turkish mistress Lady Ayse! You should engrave my name firmly in your brain! Without me you will no longer feel any sense in your slave life. My Turkish temperament and my urge to educate men are qualities that will always guide you on your way as my slave. Only my will decides whether your cock is allowed to see the light of day at all or is locked away forever. Your little cock is my property, I decide about your "20" centimeters. Doesn't it feel good? To read that I control the center of your "power"? Go inside yourself and let the thought of a chastity from me take effect on you. My website is a daily companion for you, a guide that always gives you new impulses and binds you more firmly to me.

Your daily dose of Lady Ayse will give you a feeling of home that you will not want to lose. As my slave, my photos, my videos and my texts are your revelation. In other areas of the my Lady Ayse website you will learn more about your features and internalize them naturally.

To give you a further overview here, you can stock up on unique Lady Ayse videos on my website. Here you will always find the latest news. Important info, all my videos and private 1:1 chats with me! On my website I am of course daily online and available. You can also see in the info box my phone number and when I am available on it. Nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable telephone training with me. All you have to do is pick up the phone.

Acting out my inclinations in front of the camera is not only great fun, no, it is also the perfect way to infect you with my Orient virus. A virus that will lead you to total dependence. You'll love being a toy of mine.

Obligatory date

It is best to get a tattoo of the date "February 20". On this day your goddess Lady Ayse saw the light of day. February 20 will always be a very dear day for you. A day when you can and will show me your worship in a very special way. For a lady like me, there are no so-called alpha males. I don't even know how you can be in this "alpha couple" monkey circus. Men are born to serve. It is as simple as that.

My Slaves

Do you have the necessary money then you can also be physically disciplined by me through real sessions. You can haggle at a bazaar or Ebay classifieds. If you try that with me, you can fuck off! As Lady Ayse slave you can expect a Turkish goddess who nevertheless has her heart in the right place. You will suffer and heartache will hurt your soul not only once. Nevertheless, and this is important, you can laugh together with me and also talk normally. I am a sadistic lover with a heart. 

You will not find "begging" for tributes with me. You will know yourself that without tributes you will not get any attention from me. I certainly don't have to convince you of that. I know what I look like and the slaves are lining up for me.

So why am I still "active"? Well, I just can't get enough of increasing Lady Ayse's slave army! The world domination is the minimum 😂!

And now my little slave.... Sign up on my side NOW. That's what it comes down to anyway. Don't even try to resist it. You are a slave of Lady Ayse!