Lady Ayse


Welcome to the official website of your Turkish mistress Lady Ayse! You should burn my name into your brain! Without me you loser will feel no more sense in your slave life. My Turkish temperament and my desire to oppress and rip off men are qualities that will always accompany you as my property on your way to ruin. As a dog of Lady Ayse you don't even have the right to wag your tail! Only my will decides whether your disgusting thing that lives between your legs may see the daylight at all or is locked away forever.

You will learn more about your rules of conduct in other sections of my Lady Ayse website.

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To live out my inclinations in front of the camera is a lot of fun for me and my videos are the perfect way to infect you with my orient virus. You will end up as a stupid drooling monkey who can't wait to become another victim of Lady Ayse!

What will ruin you even further financially is my rip-off chat! You can let me rip you off minute by minute in live chat you loser! From then on there is no more juicy steak, but only the leftovers from the trash can for you. Your cash is my cash and I will dispose of it freely as your Turkish money mistress! Make an appointment with a debt counselor or sign up for a self-help group for financially ruined men.

Obligatory date

Best you let tattoo the date "20. February" on your hollow head. On this day your goddess Lady Ayse was born. The 20.02 will always be a very expensive day for you. A day on which you can and will prove your adoration to me in a very special way. Nationalities play no role in the money to me. Everyone will be addicted to an oriental goddess like me. So-called alpha men do not exist for a mistress like me. You are all creatures who will serve me!

My slaves

Do you have the necessary money then you may also be chastised real by me. You can bargain at a bazaar or Ebay classifieds. If you try that with me you can fuck off directly! As an official Lady Ayse slave, a Turkish Findom awaits you, who nevertheless has her heart in the right place. With me you can laugh, suffer and above all you will live proudly under the bridge when I have squeezed the last cent out of you.

You will not find any "begging" for tributes with me. You will know yourself that without tributes you will not get any attention from me. I certainly don't have to convince you loser of that. I know what I look like and the slaves are queuing up for me.

So why am I still "active"? Well, I just do not get enough of the Lady Ayse slave army to enlarge more and more!

And now my little cunt... register and pay! It comes down to that anyway. So don't even try to resist it.

You are a property of Lady Ayse!