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Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 09.06.2023 at 14:41 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

Oh yes the fetish dominatrix handjob the thought of it makes you already very hard. Imagine I tie you to a chair, or a couch you are totally defenseless at my mercy, and you leave me your slave cock I jerk him horny by as fast and slow as I want that. I determine everything, you no longer have any intervention on how to jerk off. You enjoy the handjob, and get hornier and hornier, I notice how you moan louder and louder, the tail is getting harder and harder in my hands and twitches more and more.

Of course I do not want to let you squirt right away, but am so mean and put a break again, and tease you beautifully, with my beauty, my beautiful body. I look you deep in the eyes and come closer again, start to jerk off slowly again, and now become faster and faster, massage the eggs still beautiful in the process. Ohjaaaa LadyAyse will pump you today so horny your cream out, so horny you will never have sprayed, the warm cream will just explode!  To the Video

Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 09.06.2023 at 14:35 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

Hello my fans and slaves, I am in addition to my store of worn and my fan items, continue to increase my audio selection, just look.go to the Audios.. you will find something suitable for you, and then have the voice of your goddess LadyAyse always with you always and everywhere where you just feel like it! If you have suggestions on topics about which I should record an audio, write me quietly, I'm happy about every wish. I would like, after all, that something suitable for everyone is there. In addition, new clips are online again, I'm back on 12.06-14.06 at my photo shoot, there will be new cool photos, videos. If you want to order a wish video, let me know until 12.06. Of course I also shoot wish videos outside of my shootings, but it is more practical for me in the time, since I am there anyway on the set;)

look forward, in the future there will be much more content from me!

Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 02.06.2023 at 23:20 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

I have now added something new under my store, there is now also the possibility to buy worn your goddess. I still do not have many items in it, but of course more and more will come in the future, I am also uploading more audios to buy.

On various topics with my hot voice, you can download the appropriate MP3. With headphones in bed right with my voice to sleep or wake up or in between is the perfect thing to have.

In the store worn you can purchase so far worn hold-up nylons, leather leggings, and a slip. I will soon clean out my fetish closet. Because there are always many new parts added, also many wish list orders of my kind slaves;)
, and then I will put here everything from the things where I have long worn, each of these parts is a personal piece, what you will cherish from your goddess! To The Shop

Have fun shopping 😉

Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 30.05.2023 at 14:13 by Lady Ayse - My latest news
Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 29.05.2023 at 21:01 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

The Blackmail trap has snapped shut and I have the slave already seid 1 year in my trap, he now belongs to me forever, what an honor! It is executed without ifs and buts everything that Goddess Ayse commands, because he knows what he otherwise blossoms, he does not dare of course! I like to demonstrate my power, and love to have slaves in my hand. For this I have turned a clip with my slave where now belongs to me forever! Look at it right now Go to the Video Because you also dream of his place!