Lady Ayse
Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 30.05.2022 at 23:25 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

Let yourself fall come into my horny world Lady Ayse the fascination sensual, sexy, elegant, dominant I rob you of your mind slave! I am the true, unique Turkish goddess! Different from all others, what makes you different, makes you special;) often copied, but never achieved!

Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 22.05.2022 at 22:47 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

To belong to me is an honor in every way, and only slaves are welcome with me. I appreciate that! Come into my world, if you are not already, and fall for the true Turkish goddess! Whether real or online, it is a good education, which gives your life meaning again;)

Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 16.05.2022 at 20:21 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

Yesterday I visited my slave at the hotel! This resulted in 2 mega-awesome videos. See for yourself what awaited him. Off to the store

Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 11.05.2022 at 00:28 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

Goddess Ayse has graciously granted you a session. I await you all in black, black bra, shiny black vinyl pants and ultra high black boots. You knock, you may enter and I allow you a kiss on each of my big toes. STRIP OUT, bitch! Naked and back on your knees, you look at me expectantly and fearfully. I turn around, you have my gorgeous ass right in front of your face. Kissing and licking is announced. Do your thing well. Lie down on your back. I sit down with my curves directly on your slaves face. From now on I decide when you may breathe. Your deep adoration you show me also, in which you log on to my Only Fans channel!


Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 30.04.2022 at 11:15 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

Slave, you have long dreamed of a date with Goddess Ayse? Write to me, apply, introduce yourself. And if I like it, it sometimes goes very quickly. Of course you have to adapt your dates to mine. And at some point you stand in front of me and fall on your knees by yourself because of my breathtaking beauty. You undress, trembling, I fix you. No, I will not inflict pain on you today. Tease and denial. Now you experience spheres you didn't know existed. At the latest now you are a slave to me, your whole unworthy life long. Translated with (free version)

Spontaneous dates do not exist with me! It is always agreed in time what!