Lady Ayse
Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 24.04.2022 at 15:23 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

Hey you idiots, have you also noticed that gas has become very expensive? Don't fill up, don't drive. There is public transport, bicycles and home office. Better transfer the dirty money to the divine Lady Ayse. With me your potato coal is in much better hands. I allow myself luxury and you tear yourselves the ass. Speaking of busting your ass. How about a hot ass fuck again? 😉

Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 18.04.2022 at 20:11 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

Many slaves are not aware of their inclinations or do not dare to act them out. But eventually they come, sooner or later. At the latest, when they eventually come across the divine Lady Ayse Then they are caught and lost. Come to me with pleasure, you cunts. I will fix you and fuck your brains and much more. You like leather? So do I.  You're just starting out? I guide you and lead you into dimensions and boundaries that you did not know before. Place yourself in my hands, lie at my feet and let your mistress show you your new path. NOW, slave.

Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 10.04.2022 at 14:53 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

Hello my slave, as announced it was a little quieter the last few days. Therefore, I am pleased to inform you addicted cunt that I have survived the surgery well and it will soon go on again with the usual full power.

Soon you will have me back in full strength. Then again your brain is fucked in hardcore mode 😊

Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 26.03.2022 at 15:34 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

Tomorrow night, another one of my popular livestreams will take place simultaneously here and on my OnlyFans channel. It starts at 9pm (german time), which is your highlight and also the finale to end the weekend. Come by in any case and let's end the Sunday together.

I look forward my slave 😊

Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 20.03.2022 at 12:15 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

Breaking news, my slave. On 04 April, I have an operation. 

Since I want to recover in calm from it, will come a few days less of me. 

To sweeten my recovery period, you should watch my videos and send me tributes. 

Of course I will also check my mailbox from time to time and respond to all messages.