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Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 13.03.2022 at 13:15 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

I would love to dress you up like a dwarf and have you live in my garden while I fly around the house riding my broom....

Dreams are already something great.

While on the subject of dreaming, I come across another thing. I have been asked very often if I am looking for house and cleaning slaves. Of course without tribute - free of charge, free of charge - since one (s) does his work 😂.

Such dreamers I then no longer answer, because they seem to live on another planet than I do 👽

Anyone who is aware of his position with all the obligations may of course very happy to apply to me. 

Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 09.03.2022 at 09:40 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

On Sunday, 13.03. it's that time again. I'm going live on my cam and hope you have time to enjoy my livestream. Starting at 9pm - German time- I'll be live and biting deep into your brain again. I like livestreams because you can be extra close to me that way. Pay close attention to the sparkle in my eyes 😉

So I'll see you on Sunday night at 9pm.... german (!) time. The livestream will take place as always here on my website and on my OnlyFans channel.


Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 27.02.2022 at 14:11 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

One woman needs twenty years to make a man out of her son - and another makes a "brainless" primate out of him in only twenty minutes.

This phenomenon usually occurs when I press my feet into the faces of my slaves.

Usually their words then form into an "Ugga Ugga".

If you want to learn this "language" too, you should write me a message or visit my Livestream on 04.03. It will take place here and on my OnlyFans page.

Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 19.02.2022 at 17:09 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

One day before my birthday I fuck your brain again double in the form of my video addictive material. This visual double penetration will trigger a wild roller coaster ride in your head and show you once again why I am the only true goddess for you! And now enjoy the two new clips my slave!

Lady Ayse - My latest news
Written on 06.02.2022 at 15:13 by Lady Ayse - My latest news

On 20.02 I have birthday. On this day you have the opportunity to give me a whole special attention. Let your creativity run wild and give you effort my slave 😊

From 21.02 to 27.02 I am in the Allgäu visitable for a session. I expect meaningful applications for this in my mailbox.

Last but not least, a new link from me on which you can see all my pages summarized.

>> click here