Lady Ayse

Call and Live Cam

If you would like to call me, listen to my hot, sexy voice, and tell me your kinky fantasies, this is exactly the right thing for you. Here you have the opportunity, as in my regular Live Cam, to have me still on the phone and to see me still live.

Let me educate you on the phone. Experience hard dominance or erotic dominance with me. I can be reached by phone via VisitX, at my regular cam times of Wednesday and Sunday evenings, 21–23 o'clock. Of course, I am also sometimes online longer than the time or sometimes outside the times, but at the fixed times, you can be sure that I am there.

Here is the link to sign up,  Call and live Cam   You can also activate the notification; when I come online, you will get a notification right away. I look forward to welcoming you next on my line!