Lady Ayse

Custom Clip

Custom Clips

It's just very great fun for me to fuck your brain far beyond the breaking point. This makes a custom video the perfect way to draw you further into my web. The little dark fantasies that wander around in your head, I find, incredibly interesting.

Grab your personal custom clip!

Custom videos are a very awesome thing. You get something really personal from your goddess that you can watch over and over again.

It's a magical moment when you start the clip for the first time and I address you by name and openly confront you with your most embarrassing thought. It will make you even more emotionally attached to me. It will greatly improve your everyday life and make you very happy again and again. You will finally be understood and picked up where it is most important for your soul. This feeling of happiness will become a rush and a never ending addiction. The curse and blessing at the same time is the fact that you always need more of it. The name Lady Ayse will forever define your life. A situation that makes you special!

Are you ready to go this way? My custom videos open a door. If you go through this door, you will transform yourself. You will become my slave and can't watch the clips often enough. You have it in your hands now. And I don't mean your willy 😂!

You can see me in your desired outfit, with your desired theme in a very personal video. Only for you exclusively!!!

You will pour out your heart to me via chat or message and confess your secret fantasies. With me, your secrets are in very good hands, as long as you are devoted to me. Your hormone boost will be incomparably gigantic when you start your personal custom clip for the first time. 

How many times have you been laughed at by women, blocked or had to justify your tendencies? That can hit you hard and make you insecure. I'm going to take that fear away from you. I listen to you, I also remember what you say, because I want and will pull you into total dependence. You are the slave of a beautiful oriental mistress! You can be with me what you are. My obedient slave and my property

Since I look into the camera and address you by name if you wish, it will feel very real to you. You can look into my eyes while I interrogate, educate or humiliate you in the video. This type of play is something really great, but requires that you tell me uninhibited about your inclinations. Only in this way can a unique video of your choice be created.

In the conversation we develop together even more scenarios based on your fetish. You will be completely happy and just as dependent on me, my slave!

"Judge a day not by the fruits you have reaped, but by the seeds you have sown."

(Robert Louis Stevenson)

Your seed you will sow on your belly and spread at the sight of your custom video!