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With wishes it is always such a thing. Basically, I think little of making something "to order". Your life does not have its own show called "make a wish", but is a real challenge for you every day to satisfy me. So why then this possibility?

My word is your law

So it is written and so and not differently the kingdom of me of your orient goddess Lady Ayse works. And since I have fun to fuck obedient pissheads like you the brain far beyond the breaking point is a custom video a very great game option. What is going on in your little monkey brain for fantasies no one wants to know. That's why it's all the more exciting when I give you a touch of my attention as the only one and listen to you perverted cunt. You will pour out your heart to me via chat or message and confess your secret fantasies. With me your secrets are in very good hands, as long as you function as I want. Your hormone boost will be incomparably gigantic when a goddess like me listens to you in your pathetic attempts to tell me your fantasies. How often were you laughed at by women, blocked or had to justify your inclinations? You have certainly always met only rejection and could never talk freely about your preferences without fear.

I'll take that fear away from you, you stupid cunt. I listen to you, I also remember what you say, because I want and will pull you into total addiction. Forget the frustrated bitches that you have encountered so far. You are an object of a beautiful Oriental mistress! You can be with me what you are. A perverted and ridiculous loser.  That's what you are and that's what you can be with me.

What does this have to do with custom videos?

I guess that you idiot now have loud question marks in your ugly face. As always, I have to explain everything again for very stupid. You will tell me in my chat or by private message of your passions. Should you have an idea of what I have to say to you on the subject then, tell me that too. Should your inferior ideas coincide with my inclinations, then you can get a wish video for a princely tribute from me. I shoot this just for you and will confront you in the video with your secret fantasies that you have confessed to me in trust. Because I look into the camera and also address you by name if desired, it will feel very real to you. You can look me in the eye while I interrogate, educate or humiliate you in the video.

If you have other ideas than those described here as examples, then just talk to me about it. Only talking monkeys get an response.


Custom videos are a very cool thing. You get something very personal from your goddess that you can watch again and again.
It's a magical moment when you start the clip for the first time, are spoken to by me and are openly confronted with your most embarrassing thought. You will become even more emotionally close to me as a result. It will greatly improve your everyday life and make you very happy over and over again. This feeling of happiness becomes a rush and a never-ending addiction. Because the great thing is that you always need more of it. The name Lady Ayse will forever define your life.

It's up to you now cunt. On this path there is no turning back. Your goddess in your desired outfit, with your desired theme in a very personal video. It doesn't get any better than this!