Lady Ayse


Your Turkish money mistress

It is interesting that many German men have the desire to serve a Turkish mistress as a money slave. I have noticed this extremely for years. This phenomenon is now international and men of all nations recognize Turkish women as a superior species. You may consider yourself very lucky that you have found in me - Lady Ayse - the most beautiful and best of all money mistresses.

Orient Findom

Most men live in the notorious hamster wheel and do more or less the same thing every day. Vegetating away in their gray everyday life. It is similar to the movie "Groundhog Day". They go to work like zombies for 5 days and look forward to the weekend. When the time comes, they get drunk, suffer all Sunday and then go back to work for 5 days. 

It's scary how pointlessly most men waste their lives. Many men have a wife / girlfriend with whom they no longer get along and lead a so-called toxic relationship. They have drifted apart, just argue and it's just hell for everyone involved. However, there is a way out 😉.

If you give me your soul, your life will be completely different. You won't go to work frustrated anymore, you'll be bubbling over with motivation because your money won't be going to the next pub, it'll end up in my bank account. You have a new goal that won't be limited to two days a week, but will be with you 24/7. You will do your best to earn even more money for me, your Turkish Oriental goddess. To finance my luxury, you will work harder than ever.

You will be my slave. An obedient animal who will obey me on command. As a paying slave, you will keep sending me money from your Turkish boss lady! Very much money! Your mindset is 100% focused on me and there is no room for anything else. When you see money, you automatically think of me, my expensive little slave.  To serve me and to shower me with gifts of money is the order in your mission. The little pay cock becomes hard as steel when you spoil me financially. The supreme discipline is a cash & go where you can look me in the eye. I just love these moments 😍!

Turkish boss lady

There will be moments of doubt, of course. This is normal with male beings. However, you will realize very quickly that you will never find another mistress like me. I live and love my money fetish. It is a very special intimate relationship, because it is about the most important thing in your life so far. Your money. And since your money will pass into my possession, I will be the new and undisputed meaning of your life, my little money slave. As my pay slave you will lose a lot of money and still be happy. You will become a part of my life and with every payment spoil your Turkish goddess again!

For me you are also not a nameless number in my stable. My steady money slaves are important figures in my army. 

If you are looking for real money dominance and have a weakness for pretty dominant Turkish girls, there is no way to avoid me. With my Turkish sadism, my greed for money and my black humor I will milk you endlessly. Your brain gets hard fucks again and again!

On my birth certificate is neither "Made in China" or " Made in Germany".  The "Made in Turkey" means for you a temperamental Turkish mistress who has a big heart despite all greed. Even as a money mistress I remain true to myself and do not pretend. You will be pulled off me in a sympathetic and cordial way.