Lady Ayse


Your Turkish money mistress

It is interesting that many German men have the desire to serve a Turkish mistress as a money slave. This has been extremely noticeable to me for years. This phenomenon has now become an international phenomenon and men of all nations recognize Turkish women as a superior species. Your luck is that you have now arrived at the most beautiful of all goddesses.

Orient Findom

Most men live in a hamster wheel. It's like the movie "Groundhog Day." They go to work like zombies for 5 days and look forward to the weekend. If it is then so far, they get drunk, suffer the whole Sunday before itself and go then again 5 days work. This is so pathetic! It's frightening how senselessly most men waste their lives. Alternatively, many men have a wife with whom they no longer understand. They have drifted apart, just argue and it's just hell for everyone involved. There is a way out of such a life. I am the salvation for you, you stupid cunt!

If you give your soul to me, then your life will look completely different. You no longer go to work frustrated, but bubbling with motivation, because your money does not go to the next pub, but is deposited in my bank account. You have a new goal that is not limited to two days a week, but will accompany you around the clock. You will perform at your best to earn even more money for me your Turkish Orient Goddess. To finance my luxury, you work harder than ever before.

Money slave cunt

You will be my dog understand?! A stupid lousy animal that obeys on command. As a mutt you will keep sending money to your Turkish boss lady! Lots of money! Your mindset is 100% focused on me and there is no room left for anything else. When you see money, you automatically think of me you little whore.  To serve me and to shower me with money gifts is the order in your money slave mission. The little pay dick becomes hard as steel when you send me money. No matter if at a Cash & Go, a Cashletter or online. You will pay. Over and over again. 

There will be moments of doubt, of course. That's normal for males. However, you will realize very quickly that you will NEVER AGAIN find a mistress like me. I live and love my money fetish. It is a very special intimate relationship, because it is about the most important thing in your life so far. Your money. And since your money will become my property, I will be the new and undisputed meaning of your life my little money slave. As my pay pig you will lose a lot of money to me and still be happy. You will become a part of my life and with every payment you will beautify my life and spoil your Turkish goddess!

For me you are also not a nameless number in my stable. I am so impersonal only with timewasters. My best money slaves are important figures in my pig army. You can call yourself a pig general from a certain sum. Of course, this sum is very high and only the fewest reach this distinction.

If you are looking for real money dominance and have a weakness for pretty dominant Turkish girls, there is no way around me. With my Turkish sadism, my greed for money and my black humor I will milk and squeeze you cunt extremely and endlessly. You will be 100% ripped off by me and exploited without restraint.

On my manufacturing certificate is neither "Made in China" nor "Made in Germany", but "Made in Turkey"! And that meant nothing good for you jerk!