Lady Ayse

Live Sessions

Can you meet me live?

Well to be honest not everyone can. I am not a camgirl and also not a "whore" who swings the whip at your request. I earn my money alone and live luxuriously and carefree. I am absolutely not dependent on paid real sessions and never have been. Even before Corona I have put my focus on virtual education and clear unbroken more and more. So if you think you only need to wag a few bills and I provide you with a service, then you are definitely at the wrong address. In that case, you should better visit the nearest sex club and let yourself be amused there. Including all the side effects that await you there. It is amazing to see how many "slaves" confuse a mistress with a prostitute.

 That's just the way the male sex is. Out of touch with reality and mentally retarded. If the Neanderthals still dragged the female by the hair into the cave, the development of mankind has shown a very clear change of power in that point. With me only at your money is tugged, otherwise is strangled and slapped.

After this short introduction I give your underdeveloped monkey brain then still some hope, because yes, in principle, under certain conditions real meetings are possible. It is also too much fun for me to take apart submissive potatoes.

Requirements for a session

It is basically quite simple.  You must know where your place is and you should have money. My time is precious and even if I really love to beat up my victims you will bleed financially. The time of your ordeal will change you forever and make you a new person. It's like the metamorphosis from potato to French fries. And as nicely salted as the fries, you will also appear in a whole new light after your beating.

So be obedient, reliable, solvent and best of all straw-stupid. Whereby the stupid applies to every man when the brain slips into the pants. In this condition not even Dr Frankenstein theorem could explain the Pythagorean theorem.

Other important points

So if you understand that you have to work with me and there will be no wish concert, then there is one more point. The place of the session. In my Turkish domicile no sessions are possible. In my holy four walls comes with security no puppet like you are one. Sessions must have a pleasant environment. So you will book a hotel room where I will abuse you slave piece then. 

Don't get the idea to book a backyard flophouse. Save yourself questions about outdoor or car meetings. So you fly directly from my "list".

Permanent slaves that I have known for a long time, I also visit from time to time at their home. Which in my opinion is a really cool kick. Especially if the slave is married. To humiliate and abuse a man in the marital bedroom is really very funny. Just knowing that my slaves, after I'm gone panic like Mister Monk search everything for traces, so as not to fly up, gives me a long wide grin. The transition to the so-called homewrecking is fluid, although I only do something like that when I feel like it.

Last words

I doubt that you could follow me mentally until here. Therefore, I summarize it for you in very easy to digest words again.

You are really submissive from the heart, you have money and you long to serve me according to my ideas and wishes? Then you can send me an application here on my page. If that fits, then we'll see each other soon. I look forward to this painful encounter for you.

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If you have no money, then I can show you ways how you can earn money online. Just drop me a message. I will explain the rest to you.