Lady Ayse

Live Sessions

Can you meet me live?

Yes, of course. I love real meetings because they give me endless fun. To look my slave in the eyes, to see the fear, the lust and especially the lack of will is simply indescribable. I am absolutely not dependent on paid real sessions, but would never want to miss the real play. They are just way too much fun for me ! Of course, virtual chastisements also give me enormous pleasure as you have surely already read under the category "Application". Nevertheless, my desire to see my slaves real is unbroken. This is certainly good news for you.

Requirements for a session

Where there is a good news, there is usually also an unpleasant not far. In order to be allowed to serve me in real life, there are a few prerequisites, but every man who has more than two brain cells will take for granted. Since you are on my side and want to meet me, I certify you more than two functioning brain cells, which sets you apart from the broad male mass.

Also be obedient, reliable, solvent, honest and clear at all times about where your place is.

Other important points

Do not confuse me with a service provider. That would be a real insult to me. You should perceive me as a mistress and companion who will embark on a long and intense journey with you. Your mission is to learn to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the sun. Your dance will lead you directly in front of my "shotgun", which I will be only too happy to strap on to make you a woman. This means in plain language that you can become what you have always longed for through inwardly. I give you strength through your rank as a Lady Ayse slave and yet I am your greatest weakness!

Does that sound good? You understand that you have to function with me and that there will be no wish concert? That you will suffer for me in real and I will shape you into my slave bitch? Great, then you're on the right path 😊!

The next point where there will be no room for negotiation is the location of the session. No meetings are possible in my Turkish domicile. So you will book an appropriate hotel room for both of us, where I can inflict suffering on you in peace. First physically and then psychologically. Because heartache will automatically become a new companion of your everyday life, after you were allowed to see me for the first time in real.

Should it harmonize with us and you become a permanent slave of mine, then I will also visit you now and then at your home. What is for me a really horny kick, especially if you are taken !

Last words

I don't care if you are a cross between Brad Pitt and Saint Martin. You can also be a mix of Quasimodo and Ghandi. The important thing is that you want to serve from the heart, have enough money and are absolutely obedient. If this is given then you should write me a message now slave.