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Slave application

Become an online slave

Hey slave, you are on this page for a very special reason. The menu item "Application" has caused an overload in your slave brain. Therefore, I am also sure that your brain cells are out of order. Since I have a good soul and like to help people, I will gladly enlighten you before horniness stuttering drive-controlled kipper. The advantage is that every time your brain does somersaults because of me, you can read this text over and over again. Learning through permanent repetition This is free in the online private school of Professor Ayse.

The first step

First things first. No matter who or what you are, you will apply to me properly. You can do this either directly through my hotline, or here on my site by private message. Excuses are like venereal diseases, almost every man has or had some. In me you will find a strict but warm Turkish boss lady who is looking for her equal. Despite my success and my degree of fame I have remained on the ground. On which you will crawl by the way. It is enormously important to me that everyone who wants to serve me is able to apply decently.

Do not bore me with copy & paste texts or with any fairy tales. Be as you are, apply in detail to me and be already clear that I am not a 08/15 "Fifty Shades of Grey" fashion Milf, but a strict, greedy and especially sadistic Turkish online mistress. The fact that I am still infinitely pretty does not really need to be mentioned at this point. 

Look around, look in the mirror, search your cell phone for your chickens, which you text every time your little willy twitches and then come back to this page. Do you notice anything? If not, then you should dedicate yourself again to the topic of "leftover fucking" and go on a "rotten meat" hunt. However, if it has "clicked" with you and you see and feel the difference, then now is the right time to apply to me. As a slave candidate you will face a long and painful path, but in addition to fear, despair and longing, you will also feel something else. Security! I always have an open ear for my slaves. Every firm slave is an important part of my passion. Therefore I also invest a lot of time and energy in my subjects.

You don't have to be afraid of anything as long as you obey me and put the responsibility of your life into my divine hands. An important first step to be able to overcome fear is to accept the fear of me. This involves allowing these feelings and accepting them for the moment. The fear of me and the step to go into enslavement is a part of you and controllable by me. So you are not helplessly at the mercy of this situation. My guidance makes it easier to deal with your fears and strengthens your self-confidence. Each of my firm slaves is proud and something very special!

So you will also learn that Benjamin Franklin is wrong. At least in relation to you and me.

"He who gives up freedom to gain security will lose both in the end."

That doesn't apply to you. You will give up your freedom to become a better person, will always be unconditionally loyal and honest to me, and will give me your soul and body.

And believe me one thing, you will not regret it on any day of your life!