Lady Ayse

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I know your tail starts to drip as soon as the headline is reached. The sum alone triggers an irresistible mix of fear, nervousness and unbelievable lust in you. Is it reasonable to pay 1,000 euros for a video of your oriental goddess Lady Ayse? No. Will you do it anyway YES. You think you can resist, you think you can find arguments that will make you realize what madness this is. But you will quickly come to the conclusion that this will be the coolest thing you have ever experienced. Imagine the rush, the incredible adrenaline rush the moment you click "Buy Now". You will forget everything around you. Your ugly marriage cunt, your little everyday worries, the stress at work. You will only feel me, your oriental goddess Lady Ayse. Just me and your addiction. Fulfill your purpose and get the ultimate Findom kick. I promise you, you will run out of lust and beg for more. Once you've felt this hardcore kick, you'll be forever addicted to me and thank you on your knees for showing you a whole new world.