Lady Ayse
In Goddess Ayses Blackmail Trap!
In Goddess Ayses Blackmail Trap!

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The next blackmail victim in my trap, I know all the data of the slave pig, where he works, all about his family friends and horny clip recordings as he serves me! Nice dirty and perverted I will publish him if he does not do what I demand of him. He is now for 1 year in my trap, and now forever! With me there is no end, if you are in my trap, then it is done what I demand, every payment where I demand, is bravely squeezed. In the clip, the blackmail victim is still lucky that he can hide under a blanket to eat his slaves, I demonstrate my power and if he contradicts me even once and does not do what Goddess Ayse demands, I will, without ifs and buts pull away the blanket and it see him in one fell swoop a few thousand people plus the family friends and his old lady. Look at how horny I exploit my power, and can play with the victim as I want, hahaha, at the clip your Blackmail cock is directly hard, you dream, but also for a long time of such an honor. Look at where you will also soon end up!