Lady Ayse
Leather Lover (English)
Leather Lover (English)

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Leather Lover (English) Hey my leather lover, my little addicted sniffer and admirer of hot leather. You discovered LadyAyse, and saw that leather is my absolute passion. I am a leather goddess, and also a leather model. I especially love the full leather outfits, with leather jacket, leggings, boots, gloves, and corsage just the whole programme. It accentuates my beautiful curves so well, it shines so beautifully and is simply addictive. Just like you get horny with the outfits, I get horny too. In this horny clip I'm wearing hot leather again, of course, and there's also hot dirty talk to get you really into ecstasy. Jerk off for me, make the leather horny cock really hard now for me and squirt horny!