Lady Ayse
Lick slave - lick the goddess to orgasm!
Lick slave - lick the goddess to orgasm!

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You can see here my slaves and admirers how it is to be allowed to be of special service to Lady Ayse. An endless wet dream for you slave! My masked sex slave may spoil me today especially. You would certainly love to be in his place and like to crawl on the leash on all fours behind me. Through an occasional pulling, your air is somewhat restricted and you quickly understand where it goes with me. Already often I have played with my special mask and sex slave. Today he shows you what he had to learn as my lick slave. He will spoil me with his tongue skill so that I come to orgasm and I will always humiliate and animate him nicely because he may only stop again when he has mastered his task to my complete satisfaction. I must experience complete satisfaction, everything else is not an option. For you, this scenario is an unattainable dream!