Lady Ayse
No injecting for 24 hours!
No injecting for 24 hours!

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Video-Resolution: 960x540 Pixel
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Added on: 01.09.2023
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You read that right, you won't be allowed to squirt today for exactly 24 hours from the time you bought the video. Yes, very mean, I know, I love being mean too, but there is one small ray of hope for you, you are allowed to wank your slave cock. You can jerk off as often and long as you want, only you are not allowed to squirt. Enjoy being allowed to jerk off, jerk off slowly and long so that you can enjoy the beautiful feeling, but the final orgasm is missing, so you don't get a happy ending and are tortured by ladyayse. Listen carefully to what I say in the video and what I ask, you have to follow my instructions exactly without who and but! Now pump your cock to my video, and the cream stays nice inside!