Lady Ayse
Sissy Cunt Humiliation! (Wish Video)
Sissy Cunt Humiliation! (Wish Video)

Video-Length: 5m 16s
Video-Resolution: 960x540 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 2098 kbit/s
Video-Format: MP4
File size: 80 MB
Language: German


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Sissy Cunt Claudia loves to dress up as a sissy cunt and get beautifully humiliated. In the video I humiliate the little mini cock extreme, beautiful in lingerie and high heels. The nylon pantyhose wanker, gets the hottest sissy pussy humiliation at LadyAyse. Very close to the camera, the sissy whore is allowed to admire me, the little clit, that's how the whore likes his cock to be called. The little clit is such an ugly little nub that only gets hard with my hard humiliations. On request I wear horny nylons, high heels, lingerie, times a whole new side of me. Look at how I Sissy Fotze Claudia Erziehe Demütige die Nylon Wichserin, and his little clit is nice and hard at the video and falls for me.