Lady Ayse
Slave in the pillory
Slave in the pillory

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Finally your dream has come true, you are allowed to spend 24 hours with your beautiful orient goddess Lady Ayse in a very special place ... and you were also allowed to pay for it. 500 € per night you have invested for your dream. In a very exclusive penthouse suite 200 sqm with jacuzzi and other great equipment, where you deliver yourself to me completely, serve me and follow my wishes. Tied to a pillory with head and arms I recognize your anxious but also excited look ... what will happen to me right now? You stand now at this pillory, soon my divine spit will be in your face. My whip, which at the moment still strokes your cock and makes it drool, will soon come down on your body. What will you probably endure, even more so when I humiliate and excite you more and more with my wonderful voice.