Lady Ayse
You keep coming back!
You keep coming back!

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Yes, you slave pigs always come back to me, sooner or later, haha. That's clear, I am the best oriental goddess LadyAyse a legend. Wen a slave means, he will come now no more, I laugh inside always already, and know exactly that he will come back. It is also very good, if you look around, at other mistresses in the time, then you know only what you have in me and value me even more than before. Then you can see how valuable I am, that there is no 2nd version of me, and you come crawling back! In all the years that I have been Goddess Ayse, I can say that it has always been that you come back. More than 90 % ! So it is not a big deal for me if one or the other means again and again to stop or to leave. I look forward then already to the reunion! And now have fun with the clip, you always come back to LadyAyse