Lady Ayse


Tribute to your orient mistress

This is just the place for a loser like you. If your friends knew which side you were on right now, half of them would crumble to dust in shock and the rest would order for an exorcist. Do you realize what a pathetic creature you are? 

Your money is on its way to me

Just by looking at my photo, all doubts are removed. You accept the fact that you are a pathetic something and just let yourself fall. This is your home and this is where you belong. The tribute to me is not a chore for you, but every time a feeling of redemption. Your little willy will explode with lust. Whenever you send me my tribute here, it will be tight in your pants. This is called a win-win situation. You get my attention, plus an erection and I get the tribute. 

Why I own your money

If you ask yourself the question why, you can actually leave right away. However, since I know how hollow the bone ball on your neck, I show once understanding and will explain it to you again. You are either a brainless monkey or a hormone-driven and primitive moron. No matter which category you belong to, they all have one thing in common. The addiction to me the Turkish goddess! There is nothing more fulfilling for you than to crawl before me and worship me. I am everything that gives a meaning to your miserable life. I am your light at the end of the tunnel. Well, that's what Reverend Kane shouted to little Carol Ann in Poltergeist, but of course I look much better than that old psycho.

You can, of course, continue to live your life as before and get off on cheap hookers or flirt with frustrated bitches via dating apps only to find that the terror is greater than the fun. You can save yourself all the drama. With me is your place and your future. And the tribute buttons will be your best friends. They are the key to me, they allow you to have my full attention. If you have understood and internalized this, then you are on the best way to fulfill your destiny.

Where does the money come from?

Well, either you earn enough to afford my attention, or you have to save. Calculate for yourself on which superfluous things you always spend the money. By doing without, you have more money at your disposal, which you can then burn wonderfully with one click through my tribute buttons.

If you basically earn too little then there are two possibilities. Either you go on the hook or you look for a second job. The second job you can even get through me. I can show you a way through which you can earn money online. Of course, you will send the money directly to me 100% by tribute button. How this works with the online money you can ask with a message to me.

So you see, there is no reason, no argument and therefore no excuse not to send me a tribute here. You belong to me with everything you own. As a bonus you can buy an IOU from me, it is another way to bind you even more intensively to me, besides the tribute function. You will invest every free minute in me, your orient goddess.

You will suffer, you will doubt (because you are stupid) but you will be infinitely happy by paying me in the end. You belong to the few who may serve me really firmly. The key to it is called tribute!

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