Lady Ayse


Tribute to your orient mistress

You don't need beautiful words to impress a woman like me. You just need to show me that I am important to you. The best way to prove that to me is to pay tributes. Be honest with yourself and think about what you spend your money on. Doesn't it make more sense to invest that money in me? To put a smile on the face of a goddess like me? Let the thought work briefly, then you will agree with me unreservedly.

Make me happy! 

Just by looking at my photo, all doubts are removed. You accept the fact that you are hopelessly in bondage to me and simply let yourself fall. I am "your home" and with me is your place. The homage to me is not a chore for you, but a feeling of redemption every time. Your little slave cock will explode with horniness and whenever you send me my tribute, it will be very tight in your pants. It's a very clear win-win situation my slave. You get my attention, plus a rock hard erection and I get a gift from you in the form of tributes. Life can be so simple when you agree on certain situations.

There is something that drives you restlessly on and on and does not let you come to rest. The addiction to me, your Turkish goddess! There is nothing more fulfilling for you than to crawl before me and to adore me. Through me you gain considerably more self-confidence, which is clear, because to be one of my slaves is an achieved life goal and a real award. 

You can, of course, continue to live your life as before and have fun with cheap hookers or flirt with frustrated sluts via dating apps, only to find that the trouble and stress is greater than the supposed fun. You can spare yourself all the drama by renouncing sins and serving me unconditionally. With me is your place and your future. The tribute buttons are the key to me, they allow you to give me real pleasure. I mean what is the most beautiful thing for a slave? Right, to make his mistress happy and to send her again and again unsolicited small and big tributes.

Gifts connect

Loyalty cannot be demanded. Loyalty is a gift. Your loyalty to me is therefore the most valuable tribute you can pay. An admission into my slave army is as already described a very special privilege, for which you will be infinitely grateful. Grateful slaves are like fertile fields. They give back tenfold what they have received. That's where the tributes come in again. You see, it is a never ending cycle that will accompany you daily from now on.

You have no choice my slave. We both know that 😉!

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